The National Doctoral Symposium in the field of Arabic Language Engineering (JDILA)

JDILA aims at encouraging Doctoral Students working on Arabic Natural Language Processing (Arabic NLP) to share their research results in the area of Arabic Language Engineering (Theoretical Studies, Practical Achievement…).

This Symposium is also an appropriate space for scientific exchange between researchers.


  • Creating a space for communication, discussion, and scientific exchanges between specialists in Arabic NLP and related Arabic Text Mining Applications.
  • Sharing the latest scientific results concerning Language Resources and Computer Applications.
  • Presenting Theoretical and Practical Achievements proposed by Doctoral Students in the field of Arabic NLP.
  • Establishing a space for collaboration between Moroccan researches on research topics and projects related to the area of Arabic NLP.
  • Making the leaders and economic actors aware of the importance that can provide the promoting of scientific research in the area of Arabic NLP.